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A drop of water in an endless horizon of mirages.

From darkened underground places, crushing pressure forces purest water to the unseen surface of a hostile desert. Dying of thirst, I soak my garments in this life giving flow, squeezing a drop into my parched mouth, sustaining my heart in this lonely landscape. Not enough to fill my hands, enough to sustain life through an … Continue reading

Just Courage by Gary A. Haugen, International Justice Mission President and CEO

This is an amazing book by Gary Haugen about complacency in the Christian life and how God wants to take our strengths and competencies beyond our own level of comfort and control to where He will meet us. The following link will lead you to Google Books. There, you can view the table of contents, … Continue reading

The days and sometimes years we spend writing into our novel with a limp will not be lost as vacant, stolen pages.

I am writing pages in my novel today with a limp. It is more than just about this place above my ankle and below my calf; it gives a metaphorical glimpse into other things that have been stirring in my life. I injured the area below my calf while running on the beach in Gulf … Continue reading

Christ Community Church, Franklin, TN – Service of Worship for October 31st, 2010

I would love to post our worship service for today, November 7th, 2010; but that will have to wait until next week. So much was stirring in me today, and I hope to take some time to write about it. In its most simplistic form, I took away a new emphasis on humility in light … Continue reading

We can not fathom the gravity of being created in the image of God

I felt very beautiful today in yoga. I just got my hair cut and colored yesterday, and I am not used to having it down, fixed and loose while I’m there. It affected the way I worshipped God in that space. I intentionally focused on worshipping God with my whole body, bowing before Him, laying … Continue reading

“Every joy is deeply opposed” John Eldredge

As soon as I started to write this post on Facebook, the letters were nothing but lines and I almost reboot, which wastes so much time. What dreams are most highly opposed for you and for me? I’m attempting to identify them and stay on them. What beloved activities are most highly opposed? For me, … Continue reading

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