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Time for my favorite “Out of Africa” quotes

Out of Africa Script Had you been to those places? I have been a mental traveler. – Till now. – Yes. Was this England? Excuse me. Denmark? I like my things. When you traveled before in your mind… did you carry so much luggage? A mental traveler hasn’t the need to eat or sleep… or … Continue reading

The joy of Jesus lives on past Christmas Day.

When I was a little girl, the only time of year I heard Christian music was during the Christmas season; so after the Christmas meal was eaten and put away, after my aunts and uncles had all gone home, and after the excitement of enjoying our gifts had waned; I was, well, a little let … Continue reading

Setting My Broken Bones

Broken Cisterns – from Wednesday, December 15th, 2010 That’s the thing about broken cisterns; they are just that, broken cisterns. They are the flip coin of a desert wasteland, intermittent cisterns, at first a fire hydrant flooding the street; but the desert returns again to me, waters flooding someone else’s garden. Michael Jackson’s – Thriller … Continue reading

Passage Through the Minarets, Trained in the Crags of Love, Light My Own Light, Allure in a Barren Place

Passage Through The Minarets I travel a narrow mountain trail, with heights of depths on either side; my path becomes a long jagged sword’s edge with every step. The way back more treacherous than the way forward, I press on. I desire to be across the chasm, in the distance, but of my own power, … Continue reading

Andrew Peterson – Behold the Lamb

Click on the following link to hear Andrew Peterson’s Behold the Lamb. It is an amazing concert and worthy tradition. Andrew Peterson – Behold the Lamb

Classic Western Shane – “Shane! Shane!”

Nope, I’ve never actually seen this whole movie, but out of the blue I thought of it tonight. A long time ago, just out of college, the sister of a guy I was dating asked if I had ever seen the movie, “Shane.” I said no, I don’t think so. She said, “Oh, you remember, … Continue reading

Singles (1992) – Chris Cornell of Soundgarden makes a cameo appearance

Didn’t want anyone to miss this hilarious clip from yesterday. On a whim I thought of one of my favorite movies from the past, Singles.

Korn lead guitarist Brian Welch finds God

Breaking the Idols of Your Heart by Dan B. Allender & Tremper Longman III – Google Books

View the first two chapters on Google Books: Breaking the Idols of Your Heart by Dan B. Allender & Tremper Longman III Encamped in Chapter 4 – Chasing After Pleasure Some thoughts of mine on the subject: My comfort is that pleasure was created by God to lead us to a longing for Him. Addiction … Continue reading

Signatures by Nicholas Waggoner,

Finally feeling some relief tonight, but in a surprising and quiet way. Find out what your signature is and follow me into this amazing short film that inspires the art of life, that life is a quiet journey of expression, meant to be savored; it is the doing of life emphasized here, not the hurried … Continue reading

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