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The gift of time and the sidelines of life

      A new day, a blank page, a blinking cursor; may my words be few and weighty today. Another morning with the gift of time, I look out the window at the sleet coming down; changing from sleet to chunky globs — chunky rain as my friend Linda says, and then back to sleet again; it is something all writers crave. By contrast, I prefer to write about words spoken to me in the midst of adventure; excessive activity in the outdoors all day long, with a piece of paper and a pen handy, then later in the evening, a warm and hearty meal prepared over a single burner in one small titanium pot near a river, a good book, or moments spent writing, the later trumped by good company, romance and  a good glass of wine. But the gift of time is mine today. A sedentary life is brutal. Stretching and muscle movement acts almost like a massage for me, a pleasure I have been building desire for in the last three weeks. I have been up and about this morning getting the kids ready for school, so the swelling from my recent broken bones requires some down time and ice.

      What have I learned from this whole experience? Someone told me once, make a decision and don’t look back on it; stop questioning yourself all over the place and go with it. If you are thinking, after all this, that I wish I had never gotten sized for my roller skates, well you are dead wrong. Absolutely not; what good comes from shutting down in life? To do so is a death sentence from the start. No, put your damn roller skates on and get out there! Savor every moment, feel the loss of control as you pass through the awkward stages of adjusting to being on wheels, dance, move to the music, sing, live, and love to the fullest. Do the hokey pokey and appear a fool with your passion. But this I have learned: when you do extol your freedom to live life to the fullest, listen to your body. Don’t rush it; exercise your moves from a place of intuition because only you know when it feels right and when it feels off, that lurch that says, you are not poised with control over gravity. Know when to press in and when to back off. Death lurks on the sidelines of life, watching others risk broken bones, not on the gurney to the ER.

“Brake a leg!!!”



One thought on “The gift of time and the sidelines of life

  1. This is good stuff! Let us know what God teaches you during this down time. I’m sure it will be rich.

    Posted by Kama | January 5, 2011, 11:45 pm

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