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The Daily Chaos

Judge orders protesters to leave the Wisconsin capitol just so they can clean up the mess. Plus, more liberal pigs in a blanket: wrapped in Poland’s freedom FROM communism – The Solidarity Movement, the mantra “solidarity forever!” heard in Wisconsin tickles communists pink.

"Earlier in court, state officials said that damage from the demonstration to the marble inside and outside the Capitol would cost an estimated $7.5 million: $6 million for damage inside, $1 million for damage outside and $500,000 for additional expenses."

Case of the missing Democrats:

“Democratic legislators embracing tactic to gain leverage: Fleeing”
"The tactic is still being used in spectacular fashion by Wisconsin legislators, who fled to Illinois two weeks ago to prevent a vote on a bill that would weaken public employee unions. And Democrats in Indiana who are upset about a similar issue also have decamped to Illinois, holing up at a Comfort Suites in Urbana. They work out of the breakfast nook, subsist on Subway sandwiches and donated chili dinners, and make frequent visits to the coin-op laundry."

Marxist George Soros spills off on the Middle East and seems to want the west to do his bidding. Also, he reveals his disturbing insistence on a communist “class” structure.

Oil wealth 'must be shared' with citizens says [George] Soros: "Transparency and even more importantly accountability in the use of natural resources is what you need for people living in those countries to get the benefit of those national resources…Libya produced enormous wealth which Gaddafi took as his own and now the people rebelled against it."

Marxist George Soros is behind the scenes again; this time its to fund the public propaganda machine. It is time to wake up America. We do not need our tax dollars to continue to fund public television and radio. It is inconceivable why their executives are paid more than ½ a million in annual salaries.

Public Broadcasting Should Go Private: “Last year, for example, the Open Society Foundation, backed by liberal financier George Soros, gave NPR $1.8 million to help support the latter's plan to hire an additional 100 reporters.” “But if PBS can pay Ms. [President Paula] Kerger $632,233 in annual compensation—as reported on the 990 tax forms all nonprofits are required to file—surely it can operate without tax dollars. “

This is the same Marxist George Soros who wants to stifle freedom of speech:

The Marriage Between Free Press and George Soros Gets Stronger: "Soros’ connection to federal policymaking for the Internet is both deeply entrenched and a well-oiled machine. The Wall Street Journal’s John Fund brilliantly dissected how the Soros-funded group Free Press manufactured online crises to justify the FCC’s neutrality power grab."

“Communists call for U.S. ‘class struggle’ in solidarity with Libya”
“The [communist]party has been spearheading ongoing pro-union protests in Wisconsin in response to proposed budget cuts in the Midwestern state.”
[also…] “Obama and the White House strongly urged Mubarak, a staunch U.S. ally, to leave office almost immediately following unrest that targeted his regime. Obama also repeatedly called for an "immediate transition" to democratic elections in Egypt, a country in which the Muslim Brotherhood serves as the main opposition group.”

When the cat is away the mouse will play:

Egypt's top archaeologist warns of looting: ""The Met [Metropolitan Museum] and the entire museum community worldwide are increasingly concerned about what appear to be ongoing, grievous security breaches at Egypt's historic sites and archaeological digs," the museum's director, Thomas P. Campbell, said in a statement Thursday."

Eureka! They’ve struck gold in Utah! Are currency inflation issues here already?

""People sense that in the era of quantitative easing and zero interest rates, something has gone haywire with our monetary policy. But people are afraid to say it," said Bell, who was an adviser to Ronald Reagan's 1976 and 1980 presidential campaigns. "If one state recognizes gold as a valid currency, I think it would embolden people not just in other states but in Washington. Twelve other states have offered similar proposals: Georgia, Montana, Missouri, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Tennessee, Washington, Vermont and Oklahoma."

“Boy do I hate being right all the time” – Dr. Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park



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