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The evolution of America

Why has it taken us almost 150 years to finally talk about and openly debate the real issues surrounding our own Civil War? Questions which, if left unanswered, usher in the death of our Nation as we know it, alive in the hearts of those who knew freedom but lost it.

Since the Civil War a shift has occurred over time from a principle centered Nation guided by our founders fathers, leaders who were born of revolution, to a throng of diverse citizens guided by something else.They cry out “Give me more! Do more! Support my cause!” Blinded by what they can receive and lost in a sea of expectation in our government, we all, hinged at the ankle, hurl head first into socialism, throwing away our freedoms one election at a time. The blood fought crimson colors of individual liberty and state sovereignty fading like the colors on a tattered flag. Say it isn’t so. Say truly not. Who is this tail that wags the dog? On the world arena and in the arena of the individual heart, if we don’t find our freedom back, tyranny will find us.

Where are our boundaries? Where are the great leaders? Does freedom really require blood to remain free? What about freedom of speech? And when is the grip so strong as to extinguish the breath of freedom?

Riding the Texas Giant roller coaster for the first time as a kid we climbed, climbed, climbed up and at the top there was a picture of the Looney Tunes’ Wile E. Coyote holding a sign that reads, “Wait! Let’s discuss this.” Too late to turn back?

There is one thing that is not hard to read in this organizational flow chart of the US federal government. The Constitution is still at the top, but look at how much power to hire and fire is sitting under any given President, not to mention the power of executive orders.

US Government Organization Chart – Constitution Level

US Government Organization Chart – Constitution Level from

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