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Time To Vote! – Investment Outlook for November 2012 by​ William H. Gross | Pimco

Disclaimer: I don’t invest with Pimco and I’m not promoting them. But I have been following William H. Gross for a while. I originally started following him because I was looking for an opinion from a trusted economist on what was happening in our country. People immersed in the investment and business sector have a quantifiable prospective to offer. I will try to post his latest Investment Outlooks for this reason – I do believe he has an accurate thermometer on what is occurring now and what is coming down the road for our economic future. Since I am a literary person and not a money/ numbers person, his analogies break down something very complex for me into something that I can understand. So don’t be shy. If the language does not make sense at first, keep following his outlooks and things will become more understandable as time moves forward. Another strategy to build your vocabulary is to read his past investment outlooks and for fun, see if you think he was on the money then.

Time To Vote! – Investment Outlook for November 2012 by​ William H. Gross | Pimco


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