He calls me Beloved, a ransomed daughter. Fathered by a merciful and Holy God. Jesus’ astonishing love and sacrifice are the only things that make me fit for God. I receive Him despite myself and as I am, left with no presentable holiness of my own except to fall prostrate, resting alone in Christ. I find myself unconsciously fleeing His deeply passionate and ferocious love for me. I feel His love through a face, or a touch, or words spoken in love. I feel His presence in the mist and in moments when sunlight passes through water and in times of solitude. I live for the ecstasy of His presence, now, and in the hope of Him for all eternity. My most satisfying experience in life – hearing His voice.

As an adventurer, I am at home near the mountains or the ocean, discovering beauty as I walk, hike, backpack, or kayak. I thrive on change and love to explore places new to me, whether in nature or in culture, taking in the people and the surroundings that make a place unique. Always a runner, I practicing yoga and love Zumba! I ran Cross Country and Track and Field for Baylor University with an emphasis on the 800 and 1500 meters. A prolific writer, I try to write every day about my thoughts and what is on my heart, even if it is simply through correspondence. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from Baylor University. A novice artist, I enjoy photography with my Canon G12. I can make art of anything I do, whether it is cleaning, interior design in my living space, landscaping, or nursing my babies when they were young. I desire to capture beauty and bring it to bear wherever I am, revealing the beauty I experience, a reflection of Heaven. I am a mother of three. I was a product database coordinator with a publishing house and a buyer for a hospital before starting a family. Something unique about me, I have trace Native American ancestry in my family, but the tribe name was lost. Back then you got shot or had to leave your native land if they knew you were an Indian.

Words that best describe me are genuine; a whimsical, yet a deep soul, a broken, yet hopeless romantic, a lackadaisical and sentimental dreamer, yet stubborn, disciplined and determined. I try not to take myself too seriously. I value honesty. Ultimately I desire to do justice, show mercy, and walk humbly with my God. The dross of my life will all be burned away except the one purpose that remains, to glorify God with the entirety of my heart, my soul, my mind, and my body. I am seeking purpose in my novel against the backdrop of God’s greater story.


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I love that you have snooped around on my site a bit! May your curiousity ultimately lead you to rest in the One who is the only perfect clothing, Jesus.

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