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Scotty Smith, pastor of Christ Community Church on Jonathan Edwards

 ‎”Nothing sets a person so much out of the devil’s reach as humility.” (Jonathan Edwards) “And nothing humbles us and, therefore, gladdens us like the gospel of God’s grace.” – Scotty Smith

John Eldredge and Ransomed Heart Ministries

From: John Eldredge and Ransomed Heart Ministries ‎”The heart is central. That I would even need to remind you of this only shows how far we have fallen from the life we were meant to live–or how powerful the spell has been.” (Waking the Dead)

Christ Community Church, Franklin, TN – Service of Worship for October 31st, 2010

I would love to post our worship service for today, November 7th, 2010; but that will have to wait until next week. So much was stirring in me today, and I hope to take some time to write about it. In its most simplistic form, I took away a new emphasis on humility in light … Continue reading

“Every joy is deeply opposed” John Eldredge

As soon as I started to write this post on Facebook, the letters were nothing but lines and I almost reboot, which wastes so much time. What dreams are most highly opposed for you and for me? I’m attempting to identify them and stay on them. What beloved activities are most highly opposed? For me, … Continue reading

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